Chadwick Boseman's Performance In 'What If ...' Inspired 'Black Panther 2', Says Marvel President

Chadwick Boseman's Performance In 'What If ...' Inspired 'Black Panther 2', Says Marvel President

Well, folks, in case the news about Afghanistan, the Delta Variant, and the earthquake in Haiti weren't enough to make you bust out the tissues on this Tuesday evening, it seems we come bearing even more somber news. Several episodes of Disney+'s new animated series What if … marked a heart-wrenching milestone MCU and Hollywood as a whole – Chadwick Boseman's final acting performance before passing away almost one year ago. 

Yet aside from entertaining audiences everywhere with his iconic portrayal of the beloved hero for the last time, including “What if T’Challa Was Star-Lord?”, one of the several episodes he starred in, it seems Boseman's performance had a broader impact on Marvel as a whole – inspiring the direction of Black Panther 2, according to Marvel President, Kevin Feige. 

“We didn’t know it would be his final performance obviously,” Marvel president Kevin Feige told Variety. “He came in numerous times, was so gung ho about it, was so excited about it," the exec recalled. "He read the episode that airs 24 hours from now and then came back and said ‘I really love this version of T’Challa.’ And we had a conversation after that with Ryan about how do we get some of this voice—none of the storyline—but just some of that voice into Panther 2… I’m excited for the fans to see that as well.”

So, folks, here's to Chadwick Boseman. Thank you for inspiring so many. 

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