Hermit Crabs Get Wound Up For The Nasty By ... Ocean Pollution?

Hermit Crabs Get Wound Up For The Nasty By ... Ocean Pollution?

Well, readers, if you have ever lamented over your trash taste in dates, somehow finding yourself attracted to d-bag after d-bag with seemingly no end in sight, I'm here to let you know you're not alone: Hermit Crabs, too, find themselves inexplicably drawn to the most trash beings they possibly can – literal garbage. Yep, according to researchers at the University of Hull in England, it seems the oceans aren't the only things getting hotter and hotter as a result of pollution –  Hermit Crabs off the coast of Yorkshire are also evidently getting very hot and bothered by plastics littering the ocean – specifically oleamide, an additive in some plastic littering the ocean that is considered a marine pheromone for some species, per The Hill.

“Found to increase the respiration rate of hermit crabs – indicating excitement and attraction,” per a news release from earlier this week detailing the finding, oleamide can “be mistaken for food by scavengers, meaning hermit crabs may travel a distance in search of a meal, only to discover plastic instead." Ouch. 

“Our study shows that oleamide attracts hermit crabs. Respiration rate increases significantly in response to low concentrations of oleamide, and hermit crabs show a behavioural attraction comparable to their response to a feeding stimulant,” wrote one researcher of the finding. “This research demonstrates that additive leaching may play a significant role in the attraction of marine life to plastic,” she concluded. 

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