DC Vs. Marvel Movies Seem Inevitable

Both companies seem multiverse crazy.
DC Vs. Marvel Movies Seem Inevitable

DC and Marvel have always had a big problem in that they’re telling basically the exact same stories in the same cities, with more or less the same heroes. Seems like the only way to avoid that is to make nerds hate the other dorks who read the less cool comics, so no one notices how both comics are basically the exact same thing. 

DC, Marvel

Green Arrow - Green (The color and $$$) = Hawkeye

Of course, due to the fact that every goddamn thing they make is a carbon copy of each other, sometimes stories will seem to almost rip each other off or tell the same story. 

Which has been happening recently. All Marvel and DC seem to care about -- just can’t shut up about -- the multiverse. It’s a place of madness with Marvel, it’s where Wanda’s children can seemingly be found, it’s where the time variants of Loki show up from, and it’s potentially what the main Avengers time is compared to the time Steve left from. Hell, DC can’t shut up about it either – CW did Crisis on Infinite Earths featuring everyone from Titans to Doom Patrol to Arrow to Smallville cameos to Ezra Miller’s Flash showing up. And guess what Flash’s new movie is about? Oh, it’s about the multiverse too

Comics have crossed over many times before –Punisher met Archie, Batman and Superman have fought and Predator and Aliens, even G.I. Joe and Star Trek have crossed over at some point. Comics are wild -- so it’s not an insane assumption if you’re looking at the comics. Hell, both groups have carbon copies of the other's most famous heroes that they sometimes use just to make potshots at each other. 

DC, Marvel

Who could they be?

But both comic companies still allude to the other universe, sometimes more explicitly than other times. 


Marvel: “F**k your whole universe, bro.”

So it’s not a wild idea, and James Gunn, who famously was fired from Marvel for being weird on Twitter like 10 years ago, managed to squeeze in a DC job before heading back to Marvel and has talked to the heads of the companies about it, and the good news is, both of them seem kinda into it?

But as you can see, with Spider-Man falling in and out of the MCU on any given day, rights are a hard thing to manage, and also … the DC super doesn’t have a line-up right now. Michael Keaton’s Batman? Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman? Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin as Flashes? The Schrödinger's Superman that is Henry Cavill. That’s … something. 

So while the idea of a cross-continuity, all-action bash seems more and more likely, especially as both companies have already run out of stuff to steal from their main universe and are mining their alternate universes, it’ll have to wait until the stars are just right and the executives are drunk enough to accidentally say yes to something cool. (Then we’ll finally see RPatz and Tom Holland kiss.)

Or until they’ve reached the bottom of the alternate universe barrel. 

Marvel Studios

Ah, so any day now.

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