Can JK Rowling's Garbage Views Be Separated From 'Harry Potter?'

JK Rowling has continued to take a nosedive into desperation.
Can JK Rowling's Garbage Views Be Separated From 'Harry Potter?'

We’ve previously covered how JK Rowling decided to spend her idle time as she slides into inconsequentiality by picking fights with every trans woman she sees like way too many British celebs. Still, since then, she’s taken a nosedive into desperation.

After getting bored of her Twitter feud with Stephen “More Famous Than Her” King over whether trans woman are women or not (he’s on the side that they are, she’s on the side of being wrong), she’s recently gone as far as saying 90% of her fans support her bullshit that trans women are Leatherfaces waiting in bathroom stalls to assault, murder and probably eat any unsuspecting cis person that wanders within their radius -- like a Pokemon trainer waiting on the road who as soon as a woman wanders into view, *attacks*!

Regardless of the claim, it’s patently obvious that there are multiple people who are fans of hers that believe trans women are women, if only for the fact that the majority of the planet at one point or another were Potterheads.

That time was before Pottermore.

Not every single person who wanders into Gringotts at Universal Studios or puts on Prisoner of Azkaban is going to go protest at their local bathrooms or start quoting Jack Chick tracts, but sometimes, when you’re fading into obscurity, the thing you cling to is literally whatever gets people to write about you ... like, for example, this very article.

The truth is that there are quite a few fans of hers who are heartbroken to hear about her new guise as a transphobia guru but, to be honest, no one should really be surprised after the hook-nosed bankers, the fatties being the villains, the Asian, Black, and Jewish characters being non-existent, evil, or obscure. Harry Potter has always been a product of its time, and that time was when we knew trans women as Chandler’s dad and the rest of the LGBTQIA+ letters were barely treated any better.


There are still some good things in Harry Potter, like the idea of a small group working together to fight against fascism; it’s just sad that the writer seems to have decided that a dark mark suited her better than a … not … dark mark.

In the end, the fandom of Harry Potter can probably be best summed up in this video, from the recent Harry Potter homage Misfits and Magic, featuring multiple POC and queer players.

Harry Potter was there for us as children, but it’s time to put away childish things, like being a big dumb idiot who dislikes trans women because it gets you clicks/takes attention away from how terrible your prequel movies are. If only Rowling could realize she’s being more of a Umbridge than a Dumbledore, and we all know how that worked out for Umbridge.

“I must not tell lies.”

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