Trump Has A New Enemy: Sonic The Hedgehog

Trump Has A New Enemy: Sonic The Hedgehog

Though the mainstream media is hiding it or whatever, former university magnate and casino doctorate Donald Trump just launched GETTR, a monument to his constant need to harass Joe Biden that doubles as a social network for shitting on other people as well.

Everything was going great during the first minutes. You got racists ranting, conspiracy wackos peddling the new miraculous COVID medicine that's probably no better than the actual disease, and proof that despite this being the social network of #freespeech, Team Trump had it censored it from the get-go. It didn't just feel like Twitter it also looked like Twitter -- because it totally ripped off Twitter.


Then Sonic the Hedgehog arrived.

Sega, Amyrose116

Or "came" to be more accurate.

We've mentioned how other groups of trolls have swarmed the site, but Sonic Stans took it to another level. Out of nowhere, lots of people from anywhere left of far-right joined GETTR, and all sorts of (sadly) non-canonical adventures of Sonic the Hornhog ravaged the network, leaving bigots without a safe space. The users of GETTR now had to muster hatred towards yet another group, this time one they didn't have an advantage on.

Kotaku, Sega

We did warn them about the dangers of defending blue lives

The new users weren't even that mean. Instead of forcing their pro-choice views down the old users' throats, they created a beautiful story where Trump makes out with Sonic, which the network's algorithm then autocompleted to having Sonic seemingly impregnated by Trump.

Kotaku, Sega


And, while we would never ask for anyone to join this hellhole of an app, we're really curious to see how many images it's able to store -- for research purposes.

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