Gamers (Please) Rise Up To Stop Global Warming

Gamers (Please) Rise Up To Stop Global Warming

June 28, 2021, marked the very first time in history a video game development company had to shut down because of fire or non-hubris-related heat. With a massive heatwave ravaging North America and Canada, Bungie, one of the world's richest and most well-equipped game companies, was forced to just bow down to Surtur for the day, citing the inability to work.

*Not Bungie's actual offices, but images of a game inside them, so there's that.

The National Weather Service warned Seattle of unprecedented heat, and sure, anything above 72F is unprecedented heat for Seattle, but we're talking about temperatures of up to 113F (or 45 degrees Celsius, if the smaller number makes you feel better). They probably should have ended the announcement with "this isn't a joke, and, no, we haven't been hacked," because Seattle's so historically summer-averse that the mere anguish brought about by living there was enough to at some point fuel a musical movement so powerful it obliterated classic rock. 

Those numbers would be no laughing matter even if you happened to live in one of the warmest cities on Earth. If underestimated, those temperatures could bring about death and, perhaps even worse -- the dawn of reverse-grunge.

Two days before Bungie was forced into pressing F for Fahrenheit, one of the artists at Bungie made a tweet that very accurately predicted the whole thing

Note how he used footage from Destiny 2, Bungie's game set in an ominous post-apocalyptic Earth. Nothing to read into this one, for sure.

Jokes aside, this might just be the first in a never stopping and ever-growing string of events in which global warming ruins everything, not just for humans but also for gamers. Gaming/tech reporter Jason Schreier tweeted a call to action that we're totally on board for.

Because, yes, solving climate change is a long and hard task, but absolutely crucial in preventing us from dying before getting to play GTA 6.

Top Image: Bungie


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