Outdoor Gear That's On Sale for Fourth of July

Outdoor Gear That's On Sale for Fourth of July

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As Alanis says, it's like raaai-ee-aaain on your Independence Day barbecue. If you're feeling the irony -- or, more likely, it's just too damn hot to celebrate outside -- we've got all kinds of great sales to help you celebrate the most American tradition of all: buying stuff. Here's some of the coolest outdoor games, gear, and gadgets for when it's a little more bearable out there. You're welcome.

Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Camera, $79.99 (reg. $149) for a limited time

If you can't beat 'em, droine 'em. This drone is full of easy-flying features and has a Wi-Fi app to connect to the 4K camera so you can record all of your summer festivities from above. After all, what's a pool party without an out-of-body experience?

Copernicus Mini Drone, $70 (reg. $90) for a limited time

What, $80 is too much for you? This mini drone is $10 less, offers many of the same features, and fits in your pocket so you can literally take it anywhere and also make a lot of "happy to see you" jokes.

Callaway Home Range Practice System, $159.99 (reg. $199) for a limited time

Stop paying for buckets of balls at the range. This home range practice system sets up in seconds so you can just use one ball to continually smack. It even has a little tee and reloading machine.

Callaway 8-Ft Quad Hitting Net, $169.99 (reg. $219) for a limited time

Ohhh, we've got a tough guy over here. You might need a slightly bigger, slightly sturdier net like this one to contain your big, powerful balls.

Family Beach Sun Shade Canopy Tent, $170.99 (reg. $189) for a limited time

The sun is nice and all, but it also causes wrinkles, skin cancer, unattractively sweaty crevices, etc. Stay cool and alive with this canopy.

Hermosa Electric Longboard, $399.99 (reg. $450) for a limited time

Just because they're forcing you back to the office doesn't mean you have to let down the inner child you've carefully cultivated through quarantine pillow forts, coloring books, and TikTok baking. Ride to work in whimsical style on this electric longboard that's packed with safety features to help you brake faster, turn tighter, and shred for up to ten miles. It can even climb 30-degree hills.

EchoSmile 4-6 Person Pop-Up Tent, $189.99 (reg. $228) for a limited time

Whether you're going off into the woods with friends or just want to have a backyard slumber party like when you were 10, this pop-up tent ensures nobody looks stupid trying to assemble a tent. It just pops up! The only thing you'll have to worry about is whatever spirit is controlling the ouija board and whether Greg likes you. (Spoiler: He married you, so probably.)

Extended Pop-Up Car Tent, $224.96 (reg. $379) for a limited time

Going on a road trip this summer? Got an up-swinging tailgate on your car? Then pack this baby along with you. This pop-up car tent attaches to your car to give you an outdoor space that you can crawl into from your car while you're parked so you never have to deal with that whole "outdoors" part of the great outdoors.

Fireflower Original Fire Pit + Grill, $259.99 (reg. $299) for a limited time

Set up a fire pit anywhere with this portable device. In just one minute, you'll be singing "Kumbaya" and/or enjoying various grilled foodstuffs at the beach, at the park, in your backyard, or anywhere else the grass isn't too dry.

Handheld Multifunction LED Camping Waterproof Lantern, $29.99 (reg. $69) for a limited time

If you go out on the trail without a lantern, don't come crying to us when you're running from the Blair Witch in the dark. This multifunction lantern is waterproof and has three modes to light up your campsite and a hook to hang, so you can't say we didn't try.

Waterproof Outdoor Camping Military Backpack, $59.99 (reg. $99) for a limited time

Whether you like to play army or you have a discomforting level of patriotism, this camo backpack will be a great ally on the trail. The 70L extra-large pack is made of tough Oxford cloth with adjustable straps and a breathable back to transport all of your stuff on the trail.

Pickup Truck Bed Tent, $279.95 (reg. $339) for a limited time

We get it, you love your truck. You would sleep in it if you could. Well, guess what? You can.

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