'Lord of the Rings' TV Series Actor Says He Has No Clue When Filming Will Be Over

The series has been in production since February 2020.
'Lord of the Rings' TV Series Actor Says He Has No Clue When Filming Will Be Over

In yet another example of life imitating art, it seems the production of Amazon's upcoming Lord of the Rings TV show is nearly indistinguishable from the beloved trilogy. Just as we sat viewing the trilogy for the first time, eyes wide as we secretly wondered “how long are these movies?” it seems the new series's actors are grappling with similar time-related inquiries. Although filming began on the project in February 2020, apparently nobody knows when the show will wrap – not even the series' star, Benjamin Walker.

“It is a bit nebulous at this point,” Walker told Collider earlier this week of the series's dubious production schedule."We've been here a long time and they'll let us go when they're done with us."

While as the outlet noted, part of the rationale behind this extremely long filming period was a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has notably impacted the production of several beloved shows from Euphoria to Stranger Things 4, the timeline for Lord of the Rings is still absurdly long, a phenomenon Walker admits is definitely beyond the norm. “Yes. That is weird. but again, with Tolkien, I was a huge fan as a kid, and still am as an adult,” Walked explained of the show, which has already been renewed for a second season despite having no concrete release date for the series's season 1 premiere. "And it was kind of one of those where if you say no you might regret it for the rest of your life. It comes out and you go, 'I could have been doing that?'"

So folks, here's to hoping the fine case of Lord of the Rings doesn't go too crazy while being trapped on the island of New Zealand – at least they have Lorde and sheep. 

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