'Injustice 2' Teaches Us How Not To Celebrate Pride Month

Tasking players with beating up one of the few canonically bisexual characters in mainstream comics was a weird choice.
'Injustice 2' Teaches Us How Not To Celebrate Pride Month

Happy pride month, everyone! Well, everyone except the geniuses at WB Games who decided to kick off pride month with tasking Injustice 2 mobile players with beating up Poison Ivy, one of the few canonically bisexual characters in mainstream comics, literally hundreds of thousands of times throughout the month.

That's already pretty much the worst possible way you could go about it, but what makes this weird on top of just bad is how this is not a random daily challenge, like saving 30 random people named Martha. This was going to be the plot of the game for the entire month.

Unstoppable grind meets immovable tone-deafness.

And sure, this is a game where all meaningful interactions end up with either a Fatality or with someone messing up the inputs trying to perform one. But, in that case, why not task Poison Ivy with beating up the Joker thousands of times to save Harley Quinn? Even better: introduce the Jared Leto Joker, then launch the challenge.

They really should have learned by now, as this isn't even the first time an LGBTQIA+ character specifically named Poison gets an extremely unfair treatment in a fighting game. Final Fight from way back in '89 featured Poison, a regular enemy initially intended to be a cisgender woman, which had Capcom uneasy with the idea of their male characters (final) fighting her. They then straight-up removed the character and replaced her with a dude. Just kidding, they just changed Poison's backstory to make her a trans woman, a group that unfortunately has a history of being used as metaphorical and literal punching bags.

In WB Games' defense, they were quick to add the colors of the rainbow to their corporate Twitter profile pic and apologize for their dumb ass choice: 

Must have been awkward when they realized the B in LGBTQIA+ doesn't stand for Batman.

Top Image: WB Games

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