Cops Allegedly Detain Fast Food Workers For Not Giving Them Free Burgers

Well, I guess that's one way to get arrested ...
Cops Allegedly Detain Fast Food Workers For Not Giving Them Free Burgers

On today's installment of cops definitely not abusing their power for their own personal gain, 19 workers at a burger joint in Lahore, Pakistan were allegedly detained on Saturday night after supposedly committing a crime undoubtedly worthy of a life sentence in prison without parole – refusing to give free burgers to police officers visiting their restaurant. 

“Last night, i.e. 11th of June 2021, some police officers came to our Phase 6 outlet and took the Manager into custody, without giving any reason whatsoever,” read a statement posted on the Johnny & Jugnu Facebook page. “They then emptied out our entire branch taking all of our kitchen crew including the rest of the managers.”

Allegedly sweeping the entire staff without allowing them to properly close shop, leaving “fryers still running” and “customers still waiting for their orders,” the officers then reportedly held the workers overnight. “For almost 7 hours in the night, they kept our team locked up, harassing them, pushing them around, all for not giving them free burgers, for not entertaining a ‘request from a very high profile special guest,'" the statement claimed. 

Although the nine officers involved were later suspended, according to BBC News, with Inam Ghani, the senior provincial police official, issuing a statement on Twitter noting that “no one is allowed to take the law into his own hands” and that “injustice will not be tolerated,” it seems this incident is far from a one-time ordeal, the chain noting incidents like these have become “a common practice" for officers. 

“2 days prior to this a few police officers came to our Phase 6 DHA outlet to get food," the statement explained. “The police officers threatened our Managers and left, only to return the next day  to further harass and pressurize our teams on the ground with baseless arguments, asking them to close the restaurant.”

So folks, next time you and your cop friends want to overtake a chain restaurant in pursuit of free burgers, just don't. Fast-food workers already deal with the hell that comes along with working in the service industry, the last thing they need is to be detained. 

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