Fans Think 'Indiana Jones 5' is Recycling a Crazy Deleted Scene

It belongs in a museum … of crappy ideas.
Fans Think 'Indiana Jones 5' is Recycling a Crazy Deleted Scene

In a week’s time, the fifth Indiana Jones is scheduled to begin filming -- meaning that if Harrison Ford can refrain from getting buzzed and taking a seventy-five-year-old aircraft for a joyride in the next few days, this movie might actually happen, without Steven Spielberg mind you. And even though the cameras have yet to roll, there have been all kinds of crazy rumors about what the film is actually about, namely that it involves Indy battling space Nazis. But now folks have some even wackier ideas …

Recent set photos seem to confirm that the still-untitled adventure will be shooting at Bamburgh Castle in Northern England, presumably because they’re filling this thing with as many real-life ancient relics as possible to help make Ford seem youthful and fresh by comparison.

This has led certain fans to speculate that Indy 5 will be re-using the scrapped opening from what became Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which, as we’ve discussed before, was completely insane. In the prologue to Indiana Jones and the Monkey King by Chris Columbus, Indy journeys to a Scottish castle where he battles an evil Baron who, in a final ridiculous twist, turns out to be a g-g-g-ghost!


Of course, this new castle scene could just be part of an entirely original storyline -- but on the other hand, modern Lucasfilm movies have had a habit of recycling ideas that were abandoned decades ago. Hopefully, this doesn’t also mean that Indy will be teaming up with a horny co-ed and a 200-year-old pygmy to dig up some magic peaches, which is seriously what that script was about.

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Top Image: Lucasfilm

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