Adam Sandler's Favorite Pastime Is Apparently Playing Pickup Basketball With Strangers

The Happy Gilmore star proved yet again golf isn't his only sport of choice.
Adam Sandler's Favorite Pastime Is Apparently Playing Pickup Basketball With Strangers

Reader, have you ever headed out to your local basketball court to shoot some hoops, but felt like there was just … something missing? An empty space on your ragtag pickup team just calling for an aggressively unwavering Rob Schnider hype man? An opening almost meant for a Safdie Bros. collaborator that is somehow behind every other rom-com Drew Barrymore has appeared in over the past three-ish decades, perchance? A forward position seemingly yearning to be filled by the man who brought the beautiful basketball-themed lyrics of “if I wipe my ass with your monogrammed towel, that's a technical foul” onto the silver screen in the 2002 Hanukkah classic, Eight Crazy Nights?

 Well folks, to the apparent delight of several basketball players enjoying a pickup game in Long Island on Monday, the Happy Gilmore star proved golf isn't his only sport of choice, showing the world that he can go hard in the paint – or, well as hard as a 5'10  54-year-old comedian can go in the paint. Donning a getup consisting of what appears to be an XXL pink Polo shirt and basketball shorts (it is unclear if 2005 has since called Sandler and asked for this outfit back) and a truly glorious quarantine 'stache, the star joined a group of players in Long Island on Monday, doing his character of ex-youth basketball star, Davey Stone, proud. Although his new teammates evidently let the Sandman down on the court – as Uproxx so perfectly put it in their coverage of basketball's breaking story, “no one can knock down a f*cking shot for him" – he still appeared to enjoy his time playing the game, which has become a pastime for the actor over the past few years. 

As Esquire noted, Sandler is no stranger to a pickup game or two, hopping onto courts at an LA Fitness near Atlanta and New York City's Christopher Morley park, an occurrence so common, fans even drafted a highlight reel (or mixtape as they call it) of his best impromptu game moments – alongside a handful of film and TV appearances. So Mr. Sandler, if neither the universally-demanded Grown Ups 3 or Happy Gilmore: The Senior Tour pan out, at least you know you can have a fruitful career in basketball. Watch out, LeBron … 

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