'The Royal Tenenbaums's' Mansion Is Now On The Market For $20,000 Per Month

Looking for a place to raise your three child prodigies? Look no further than this Wes Anderson-approved abode.
'The Royal Tenenbaums's' Mansion Is Now On The Market For $20,000 Per Month

Reader, are you looking for a suitable home place to raise your three child's prodigies into various forms of inevitable burnout? Have you longed for an NYC abode fit for attempting to win back your estranged wife by pretending you have a terminal illness? Do you have roughly $20,000 just burning a hole in your pocket? Well, folks, it seems you're in luck – the mansion from Wes Anderson's early-aughts classic, The Royal Tenenbaums has officially hit the market, according to Curbed

A sprawling 6,000 square foot five-level home, the property, located at 339 Convent Avenue in northern Manhattan, boasts six bedrooms, six fireplaces, several closets with skylights, as well as stained-glass transoms and antechambers, whatever the hell those are, and a turret, easily recognizable by a pet hawk that may or may not have replaced a character Jason Schwartzman was supposed to portray. Renting the NYC mansion which comes fully furnished will cost you a cool $20,000 per month, or roughly $240,000 per year. Despite its high price tag, the property fits a very set of highly specific needs, including providing a nostalgic and satisfyingly symmetrical locale for existential crises, hiding scandalous affairs with your adopted siblings, and attempting to selfishly interfere with your ex-wife's marriage.

The first time the property has been on the market since 1999, the house first became famous when Anderson spotted the abode while driving throughout the city with a friend and proceeded to use the locale for six months to film his masterpiece. Although according to Curbed, there have been a few updates since the movie hit the big screen in 2001,  "a few rooms still feel vaguely Wes Anderson-esque," namely the dining room['s red and gold wallpaper and a baby blue living room. 

So folks, it may be expensive but hey, it's all worth it for the sweet, sweet clout that comes along with the Wes Anderson aesthetic

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