4 Movies That Are Secretly Propaganda (VIDEO)

4 Movies That Are Secretly Propaganda (VIDEO)

For as long as there has been a film industry, concerned parents have warned kids that movies like Star Wars, Top Gun, World War Z, and Angry Birds are trying to turn them into violent, promiscuous, Satan-worshipping commies. Well, it turns out they may be right -- though half the time it's not even clear if the filmmakers are even aware of it. "Doctor" Jordan Breeding returns once again to diagnose the state of the film industry and hopefully also escape from a CIA Black Site.

Writer: Jordan Breeding
Czar Of Audio-Visual Activities: Dave Brown
Editors: Jordan Breeding, Dave Brown

Based on Jordan's article: https://www.cracked.com/article_24593_6-movies-you-didnE28099t-know-were-propaganda.html

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