Lana Del Rey Is Apparently a 'Karen' Fashion Icon, Court Documents Show

PSA: Mesh masks are a trend that was "Born to Die."
Lana Del Rey Is Apparently a 'Karen' Fashion Icon, Court Documents Show

Fresh off the release of her latest album Chemtrails Over the Country Club, nostalgic pop superstar Lana Del Rey has fallen back in favor with critics and fans alike after a contentious year filled with enough mesh-mask wearing and controversial letter-writing to earn herself the moniker of “Karen Del Rey.” Yet amid this redemption, the artist has also recently found herself a style icon among a relatively new crowd – alleged capitol insurrectionists. 

Earlier this week, Rachel Powell, who was purportedly one of the insurgents that stormed the Capitol on January 6, is in hot water after being recorded donning a fishnet mask, a potential violation of a court order entailing she wear a protective face covering every time she leaves her home as she awaits trial for several charges related to the attack, The Hill reported.

Powell's reasoning for wearing the ineffective mask, per a Monday court filing? None other than the “Born to Die” singer herself, who wore a similar look to much disapproval while attending a book signing for her poetry collection, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass last October. According to her attorney, Powell had “seen stories about a singer, Lana Del Rey, who fashioned a clear plastic barrier under a see-through fabric for a public book signing event," adding that “while clearly unwise, the creation and use of the mask at issue was not designed to mock the Court or its release condition.”

Although as the affidavit noted, Del Rey later clarified that there was, in fact a plastic shield underneath her bedazzled, mesh mask, issuing a tweet regarding the fiasco in November, its unclear whether Powell followed in the pop singer's footsteps and attached a similar type of clear barrier on the inside of her face covering. Yet as The Hill pointed out, Powell, who some have identified as “the bullhorn lady" during the insurrection, has seemingly been outspoken against the use of masks, so whether hers did, in fact comply with court requirements is to be determined.

Yet the mask violation is seemingly the last of Powell's worries -- she is currently facing several serious charges related to the January attack, including “obstruction of Congress, engaging in violence with an ice axe and wooden pole while in the Capitol and felony destruction of government property,” according to the political publication. 

(Alleged) capitol insurrecting – not even once.

Top Image: US Justice Dept.

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