Lil Nas X Releases 'Twerk Hero' Game Where Players Shake His Digital Butt to The Satanic-Panic Sparking Single

Call me by your game?
Lil Nas X Releases 'Twerk Hero' Game Where Players Shake His Digital Butt to The Satanic-Panic Sparking Single

Did you watch the Lil Nas X music video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and ask yourself “wow, I wish I could swing down a stripper pole into the depths and give the devil a lap dance before (spoiler alert) embodying the beast myself via headband?” Have you ever wished you could singlehandedly launch a modern-day satanic panic? Are you just really bored on the internet, looking for a new, possibly NSFW game to pass the time? 

Well, reader, you're in luck – in honor of his chart-topping, moral outrage-sparking single, Lil Nas X has ventured beyond merely peddling 666 limited release commemorative blood-infused sneakers, creating a video game in which us lucky viewers at home are tasked with twerking as the artist himself. A free browser game entitled “Twerk Hero,” players are challenged to “grab the booty and hit the incoming temptations," a.k.a. shaking his digital butt to the song with their mouse, hitting the pink arrows flying towards the "Old Town Road" rapper. 

Despite seemingly pulling inspiration from classic aughts video games like DDR and per its title, Guitar Hero, the game, much like the art of twerking for the devil itself, is surprisingly difficult. On my first attempt, I was only able to capture approximately 38 out of the first 50 arrows, proving both that I am terribly unskilled at shaking my digital butt, and that Lil Nas X's sweet moves are truly unparalleled, even in a virtual format. 

Yet as ScreenRant noted, the game's unexpected challenge may also tie into the artist's apparent penchant for video games, as evident through his adoption of digital concerts during the pandemic. Having already held a show in Roblox, the artist recently said that GTA Online should host a concert series, with fans calling for him to be the platform's first performer.

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