It Turns Out We’re Right to Judge People By Their Taste in Music

It Turns Out We’re Right to Judge People By Their Taste in Music

Whether it's assumptions about the intelligence of One Direction fans or the moodiness of people who prefer bands with names that are full sentences, we've all judged people based on what they listen to, and it turns out we're right to do so. The kind of music we like is actually a pretty reliable reflection of how we think, feel, and our personalities -- and sometimes a strong influence over it.

For example, there does indeed seem to be a link between empathy and a preference for softer, more emotional music, to the point that researchers think sitting down with some Mariah Carey can actually help antisocial people become less douchey. 

The opposite is also true: Someone who prefers harder-edged, more complicated music is probably a more logic-oriented person who enjoys picking apart fine details, which is why prog rock fans are so insufferable.

They're also more likely to have eaten fried grasshoppers, because those who enjoy deconstructing sophisticated songs also tend to be more "open to experience." Conversely, top 40 fans are indeed more ... simple.

They're also more likely to be extroverted, honest, hard-working, and confident, so it's not all bad. In fact, dividing people up by their preferred genre can tell you even more about their personality than texture and sophistication, and there are some surprises. Heavy metal fans, for example, are actually a lot less aggressive than their affinity toward power chords would let on, though they also tend to have lower self-esteem. 

Hip-hop fans, on the other hand, are outgoing, confident, and show no higher propensity toward violence than anyone else, no matter what Tipper Gore thinks. 

Country and indie rock fans are exactly who you think they are, but apparently, the best people are fans of blues, soul, and jazz. They're extroverted, confident, creative, and intelligent, so keep an eye out for those keywords on Tinder, even if they don't look like Ryan Gosling.

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