Australian School Bans Mullets, Probably Bringing a Tear To Billy Ray Cyrus's Eye

Australian School Bans Mullets, Probably Bringing a Tear To Billy Ray Cyrus's Eye

Bad news for the Cyrus family – a private school in Australia has clearly expressed its disdain for hairstyles that are business in the front and a party in the back, banning mullets for all of their students, according to Salt Lake City's CBS News affiliate, 2KUTV. 

“The current trend of growing the hair at the back of the head and/or closely cropping the sides of the head to accentuate the ‘mullet’ style are untidy, non-conventional and not acceptable at Trinity College," the institution, reportedly wrote in a recent newsletter. “As is the trend of long hair and fringes.” 

Holding true to the ancient belief that “should be well styled, brushed, neat and clean,” Trinity College is neither the first local school to ban mullets, which have apparently been growing in popularity in Australia, nor are mullets the only hairstyle to be banned at the institution. “Rat tails, top knots, mohawks, extra-long fringes, or ay other non-conventional style” are all not permitted at the school, according to the news outlet. 

Although Trinity says hairstyles should be of a “conservative nature," making the mullet ban all the more ironic, offenders caught wearing the Billy Ray Cyrus staple will be subjected to the harshest of punishments – a phone call home. "the student will be provided a fair and reasonable timeframe to rectify the issue and contact with parents will be made..." the school reportedly said. Yikes. 

So kids, remember, life is all about balance, and what better balance than a hairstyle that combines professionalism and a good 'ol party. Oh, and if you need a protest song, Hannah Montana has got you covered. 

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