Much To James Cameron's Surprise, 'Avatar' Can Apparently Solve The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The key to peace in the Middle East was there all along -- or, well, since Avatar hit theaters in 2009.
Much To James Cameron's Surprise, 'Avatar' Can Apparently Solve The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Move over, peace talks, and discussions of a two-state solution, it seems the answer to the highly-complex Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has raged on for nearly three-quarters century has been hiding in plain sight since 2009 – referencing a minor character in Jame's Cameron's record-breaking smash hit, Avatar. 

In what may be one of the most cursed interviews to ever grace our computer screens, former presidential candidate and “spiritual teacher” Marianne Williamson recently sat down with the director for an installment of her eponymous podcast earlier this month, in which she broached the topic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in relation to Avatar, launching a highly-reductive discussion that literally no one asked for. 

“I was in Israel and I was talking to some Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers and I said – I'm telling you the truth – I said, ‘well you know, the Great Mother doesn’t choose sides, according to Avatar, the great mother doesn't choose sides, she's there to protect balance. She doesn't pick a winner she protects balance," Williamson recalled referencing Eywa, the “guiding force and deity” of the Na'vi people, acting “to keep the ecosystem of Pandora in perfect equilibrium," according to the papyrus-heavy Avatar Wiki. “And you know what the Palestinians and the Israelis in the room, you know their reaction?” she said before sitting back in her chair, shaking her head pensively. “They nodded. And I think it's because some of them have seen Avatar.”

Williamson's claim to have singlehandedly smoothed a 75-year-old geopolitical crisis by referencing a space-remake of Pocahontas did not sit too well with many Twitter users, who spoke out about the politician's obtuse statement, calling her a Chad …

… questioning what would happen if she watched another movie …

… and even noting that her statement may have united the two sides after all – a bond cemented by the all-powerful mantra of “what the #$%& did this lady just say?”

Amid the backlash to her argument that the (arguably medicore) Cameron-ian classic could be a potential solution to the complex crisis, Williamson struck back, taking to Twitter to issue a clarification, chalking up this reaction to *checks notes* being underestimated?

So the pseudo-intellectuals are having a hoot about that tonight, that I’m so naïve see, so ridiculous, so wacky & unsophisticated," she wrote. "It’s much like when I said the PM of New Zealand would be my first call as president. 'Oh she’s so stupid.' Like when I said we should pay reparations, or see our healthcare system as a sickness care system, or realize the scourge of environmental injustice. Such a silly girl!”

She continued. “Well I have this to say about the Middle East. Our political establishment has not solved the problem, and it will not be solved on the level of the green line or traditional diplomacy or military action. It will only be solved on the level of the heart.”

So folks, next time you're looking to impress someone with your sharp political insight, say you've discovered the answer to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – an Avatar movie night. 

Top Image: 20th Century Fox

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