Mark Wahlberg's 'Fear' Has The Most Confusing 'Sex' Scene In Movies

Mark Wahlberg's 'Fear' Has The Most Confusing 'Sex' Scene In Movies

Hollywood has never been great at realistically portraying sex, with all those nonsensically sheet-covered breasts and anatomically incorrect positions. Still, at least it's usually clear what the characters are supposed to be doing. The same can't be said for a particular scene in Fear, a sort of gender-flipped, grungy version of Fatal Attraction from 1996. It's a screwed-up movie featuring every kind of abuse, the murder of both people and dogs, and Mark Wahlberg bringing Reese Witherspoon to orgasm within seconds in public on a rollercoaster.

But let's put all of that aside for the moment and talk about a scene where Reese shows up to a party at Mark's house that she'd previously begged off and finds her best friend, Alyssa Milano, doing ... this. (Warning: Drug use, sexual assault, weird blue tint.) 

What is that? What exactly is happening there? It looks at first as though they're just going to town in the middle of a crowded living room, which is frankly rude as hell. But you would think that guy would look a little less bored getting banged by Alyssa Milano ... which makes more sense once Wahlberg pulls her off him and it's revealed that she's wearing underwear and he's fully zipped. What was all this, then?

Is she giving him a very strange, one-note lap dance? Are they engaged in a seriously passionless, makeout-free dry-humping session? Is she just really high and humping people like a dog? If so, whatever she's on isn't whatever he's smoking -- he's not into it at all. What is she focusing on so hard? The ensuing 25-plus years have yielded no answers, including from Milano:

Please get back to us, Alyssa. Your publicist blocked our number.

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