Valentine's Day Gifts That Hit The Mark (They're Really Discounted)

Valentine's Day Gifts That Hit The Mark (They're Really Discounted)

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You may spend hours upon hours each year thinking up the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special someone, but guess what? Come the next Valentine's Day, they're still going to expect something else. Time is crazy that way, so do yourself a favor and save some of that mental fortitude (and cash) for the actual date. We've rounded up some great V-Day gift ideas that are all an extra 15% off when you use code VDAY2021 at checkout.

Drop Hoop Earrings Gold Plated with Simulated Pearl Drop, $16.99 (reg. $65) with promo code VDAY2021

These elegant earrings are a great gift for the ear-hole-owner who appreciates any number of aesthetics. Hoops, pearls, teeth -- these babies are versatile A.F.

Heart Pendant Necklace with 15mm Swarovski Crystal, $25.49 (reg. $129) with promo code VDAY2021

Don't listen to Pam Beesly! Women love heart jewelry! As long as it's you who gives it to them. Literally any woman would love to get this necklace from you, hot stuff.

Genuine Diamond Arrow Rose Gold Bangle, $29.72 (reg. $189) with promo code VDAY2021

This diamond arrow bangle will pierce right into your significant other's heart! Or wrist! Wait, no. Neither. No piercing, just looking nice.

Rose Gold Love Bangle Featuring Diamond & Swarovski Elements, $29.72 (reg. $249) with promo code VDAY2021

This bangle is a little more explicitly lovey-dovey, and there's also no heart piercing involved.

Get a Dozen Cream Roses for Your Valentine for Only $33.99 Shipped! with promo code VDAY2021

Can't go wrong with sending a dozen roses to your lover on Valentine's, especially when it's this cheap.

La Nota: Forever Rose with Personalized Message, $33.96 (reg. $59) with promo code VDAY2021

This specially harvested rose can stay fresh for one to three years, but the note you include will last forever, so do better than "Be Mine." There's a lot riding on this year.

Homvare Foam Rose Teddy Bear 10" with Gift Box, $42.49 (reg. $79) with promo code VDAY2021

Should you buy a teddy bear? Roses? Debate no more: Get a teddy bear made of roses. Decisions are dumb.

Bürgi Diamond Sparkle Bracelet Watch with Swarovski Crystals, $42.46 (reg. $385) with promo code VDAY2021

A classic example of a gift that looks expensive but isn't. This gold watch oughta buy you a few free Valentine's Days.

Rose Box(TM) Single Rose Jewelry Box, $69.69 (nice.nice reg. $109) with promo code VDAY2021

Roses are always a great V-Day gift -- until they die horrible, prolonged, gasping deaths that inevitably force one to ponder the hopeless, dire nature of human love. This special Ecuadorian rose, however, will stay fresh for a whole year, hopefully like your love!

Johnny Fly(TM) Riker Sunglasses, $125.79 (reg. $185) with promo code VDAY2021

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be over-the-top romantic. Win the heart of your practical beloved with this stylish gift that says "Spring isn't too far away, so don't neglect your eye health."

Small Black Box with Roses, $118.96 (reg. $179) with promo code VDAY2021

Oh, so you liked the "forever rose" thing? Why not double down and get a whole hat box full of 'em? Then, next year, surreptitiously remove the dead roses and present it to your love to put their hats in. It's two gifts in one (provided you are sneaky)!

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