Chris Farley's Gloriously Frantic 1996 'David Letterman' Entrance Is Definitely A Mood

The throwback we needed today.
Chris Farley's Gloriously Frantic 1996 'David Letterman' Entrance Is Definitely A Mood

Ahhh, remember the '90s? A decade defined by our then President boning an intern, an incredibly novel concept known as a "budget surplus", Seinfeld's original run, butterfly clips, grunge, and the musical debut of the queen herself, one Miss Britney Spears? Although I may not remember the vast majority of this, considering I was born nearly 6 1/2 years into the decade, Twitter has a strong working memory of these simpler, certifiably less plague-y times, namely, the comedic genius of the late Chris Farley. 

Over the weekend, a hilariously nostalgic clip depicting the Saturday Night Live star's dramatic 1996 David Letterman Show entrance emerged on Twitter, going absolutely viral, to the pure delight of pretty much everyone. Appearing on the show to promote his new film, Black Sheep, the comedy legend decided to literally make an entrance, forgoing walking through that old, boring stage entrance reserved for celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Farrah Fawcett for frantically barging through the studio's back door. 

Over the course of the next 52 seconds, Farley proceeds to flail his way through the audience, hugging and shaking members of the unsuspecting crowd until he comes across some innocent dude sitting on the asile of the second row. After ejecting him from his seat, he proceeds to pick up the audience member, John Cena style over his shoulders, carry him in front of the stage, out the door, and onto the streets of Manhattan, where he tosses him in the trash. Nice. He then runs back in, his hands high above his head like Rocky at the end of that training montage, before cartwheeling across the stage to shake Letterman's hand and commence the interview.  

This is the Monday morning energy I strive to achieve. An iconic moment from a comedy legend. 

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