No One Wants To Stay At The 'Christmas Story' House

Either because of the cost, or fears of losing an eye.
No One Wants To Stay At The 'Christmas Story' House

While the town of Bedford Falls doesn't actually exist, and running through the halls of the real-life Nakatomi building in bare feet is presumably frowned upon, there is one beloved Christmas movie location you can actually visit. Most of us are familiar with A Christmas Story, the classic tale of a small boy who continually ignores valid safety warnings in his fevered desire to obtain a firearm. Well, the house featured in the 1983 comedy was purchased in 2005 for $150,000 and renovated to better resemble its appearance in the film (although the interiors were shot on a soundstage in Canada). Now it serves as the "A Christmas Story House & Museum" -- and it actually looks way nicer than some other unnecessary movie attractions. Yeah, we're talking about you, Twister museum.

Unlike most museums, where you're forced to leave at the end of the day before all the exhibits come to life and try to kill you, the Christmas Story museum allows fans to book the house for overnight stays. But with the pandemic, business isn't what it once was. Amazingly, the house hasn't been reserved for Christmas Eve yet, which the owners say is "unprecedented." Of course, it probably doesn't help that they jack up the price to almost $3000 per night on December 24, but to be fair, it's not called A Lincoln's Birthday Story.

And, hey, if A Christmas Story isn't your thing, there are other ways you can spend the holidays sleeping inside replicas of your favorite yuletide films. While it's not housed inside the actual filming location, there is a Home Alone-themed Airbnb in ... Dallas(?!), complete with dangling paint cans, a Michael Jordan cardboard cutout, and scattered Micro Machines.

So basically, a houseful of Christmas magic and personal injury lawsuits waiting to happen.

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