Kesha's Podcast About Ghosts Is ... Something Else

Kesha's Podcast About Ghosts Is ... Something Else

Kesha emerged like a beautiful sparkly phoenix this year with a new album and, now, a podcast about what else but ghosts? Her interest and alleged supernatural experiences are well established, so Kesha and the Creepies naturally features conversations with her famous friends about various paranormal activities and Kesha being so fantastically Kesha. The debut episode features special guest Alice Cooper, of all people, though the two are apparently well acquainted. ("We've been snorkeling together," Kesha adds at one point apropos of nothing, as she is wont to do.) He's in his best dad form, too, cracking jokes like "I'm not as creepy as COVID-19!" 

Way to be topical, 72-year-old rock star!

He's an amazing first guest because he keeps almost making sense and then veering hard left into Bonkersville. For example, he starts out positioning himself as the skeptic, asserting that "I don't necessarily believe in ghosts," but then continues, "... so much as I believe that demons like to pretend they're ghosts." He goes on to claim that "I don't think we'll ever understand" many supposedly supernatural phenomena, and like, fair enough, Alice Cooper. There's only so much science can do, and maybe science isn't the best instrument for measuring these things, etc. But then he continues, "... because it goes into different dimensions," and all the reasonable will he just built up in your head goes out the window. At one point, he tells a story about things moving around at a post-rehab house-share with Joe Perry, and Kesha chides him, "And you don't think that's a ghost?!" like he's being the weird one here.

Because in Kesha's world, he is: 

She tells a story about a house she moved into where weird things supposedly happened; Cooper reasons, "Why would a ghost do that? A demon would do that," and everybody's on board with this bananas differentiation. He further argues that "If there were ghosts," Elvis "would have shown up by now," absolutely refuses to explain that rationale while Kesha refuses to ask him to, and then they just ... talk about Elvis for a while. Cooper met him once. Then it's just two rock stars shooting the shit, and it's absolutely amazing. 

Cooper once shot his drummer in the knee, and Kesha reveals that she once pissed and/or shit herself live on stage. Then they're onto aliens because Cooper believes that the existence of "other-dimensional beings" "could explain UFOs" and once again refuses to elaborate. He also thinks COVID-19 could be an alien, because honestly, why not, at this point? The answer is "many reasons," but then they're onto the Manson family somehow. The whole thing just kind of trails off with Kesha's observation that "I don't think I could ever murder someone, but I could, like, definitely be fascinated with it," so maybe let's keep an eye on her.

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