President Trump's Former Attorney Michael Cohen Promotes Adult Film Star On Cameo

President Trump's Former Attorney Michael Cohen Promotes Adult Film Star On Cameo

Ahh, Cameo. The video sharing platform where you can send your friends and family personalized messages from their most beloved celebrities, connect with your favorite stars, and oh, even get Michael Cohen, President Trump's former fixer to seemingly gush about gay porn. Nice!

Last week, adult film star Matthew Camp took to Twitter with a video seemingly depicting the President's former attorney promoting his Only Fans page. "Matthew Camp, Michael Cohen here, former personal attorney to President Donald J. Trump, now actually gonna be former President Donald J. Trump," Cohen said, becoming one of POTUS' few (kinda) allies that admitted his defeat in the 2020 election. "Listen I just wanted to say how amazing Matthew Camp is, uh, on OnlyFans, having a blast enjoying every minute with you guys. Good luck, love it, stay safe, stay Covid free, and again, OnlyFans, having a blast with 'em. Enjoy!" Quite the glowing endorsement if you ask me!

While it's great to get your rocks off to whatever you please (as long as it's legal and consensual, of course) and support sex workers' digital endeavors in these trying times, it seems Cohen may have been unaware of what exactly he was advertising in the enthusiastic video. When a user books a shout out on Cameo, for a birthday, holiday, or other special event, the platform provides a space to list instructions, where one can include specific talking points for the star in question. Take, for instance, the Cameo my friends bought me for my birthday earlier this year from RuPaul's Drag Race Winner, Jaida Essence Hall. 

Although we can't be certain of what Cohen's instructions said for Camp's shoutout, it seems the former fixer was likely following the directions laid out for him, seemingly without first Googling Camp or even OnlyFans. Following the video, some of Camp's fans took to Twitter to express their amusement at the, erm, enthusiastic advert. 

"What episode of Surviving 2020 is this?" asked user @f76bfg.


"I gotta say, I didn't have 'Michael Cohen sends Cameo to Matthew Camp advertising his gay porn OnlyFans' in my 2020 MadLib book," wrote @boydsucks. 

"Now THIS is marketing lmfao," quipped @hydroflasktwink.


Even reporter Thomas Roberts got in on the action, poking fun at the mixup. "When a Cameo booking arrives it is common sense to Google the names and WEBSITE included with any 'request message.' If not you might just get Michael Cohen delivering this," he wrote. "Btw Cohen charges $109.99 per personal video message."

So Mr. Cohen, if you're reading this remember, Google is your friend -- unless, of course, you have a penchant for gay porn on OnlyFans, then by all means, keep on gleefully promoting your favorite adult stars!

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