Move over, Monkey Christ ...

 ... Neon Jesus and Mary ...

and messy Madonna  ...

... yet another priceless work of art has been comically butchered mid-restoration, and oh boy, is it bad. The statue, located on a historic facade in the Spanish city of Palencia, was once a stunning masterpiece -- until its head fell off, warranting repairs. While the figure has been reunited with its head, something clearly went wrong, its formerly detailed face restored into a horrifically cartoonish result that pretty much anyone could have done better. Dubbed "The potato head of Palencia," the once ornate statue, which dates back to 1922, definitely lives up to its new moniker, embodying our favorite childhood toy spud, complete with circular eyes, small, amorphous lips, and an oval mouth.


The botched masterpiece first garnered attention online after Spanish artist Antonio Capel posted about the, erm, unique looking work on Saturday, CNN reports. " ... someone has made this masterpiece, the new  'Christ' of Borja, this is because of being made a Christ, and he sure has charged for it," he wrote in Spanish, referencing the aforementioned Monkey Jesus, located in Borja, Spain. "But more crime has the person who has commissioned it and has become so wide. Looks like a cartoon character." Ouch. 

Since then, the statue's new look has gone viral on social media, garnering shock, ire, and laughter from users online. "Sweet! Thanks to a botched art restoration, Spain how has a Fred Flintstone gargoyle!" posted user @AFCC_Esq.

"I think they were going for Arthur, the cartoon character," wrote actress Julie Brown

"this vigilante art restoration sums up me trying to make what i think is a "normal" face on zoom," noted comedian Aparna Nancherla.

The statue's new face has even gotten a few comparisons to 45 himself, President Donald Trump. 

"staying relevant means changing your profile photo to the botched restoration of the statue in palencia that kinda looks like donald trump now," wrote user @NobodiesPOV.

"May I introduce, 'Our Cheese Lady of Trump" to all lovers of Spanish botched 'restorations,'" joked @hudin.

Looks aside, others had a few choice words surrounding the odd frequency at which questionable restorations ofin the European nation.  

"Spain's grotesque art restorations are the gift that keeps on giving," tweeted @lalonsocorona.

"Honestly I don't understand how Spain manages to have any religious art left at this point," mused @AkselToll.

"another one," NPR added. 

Moral of the story? Double-check your restorer's resume. Come on now, how many times do we have to learn this lesson the hard way?

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