No, Hank Hill Wouldn't Have Voted For Trump

No, Hank Hill Wouldn't Have Voted For Trump

We now go to Twitter for our latest breaking news on TV hypothetical questions:

If you've never seen King of The Hill, you might be inclined to think that Hank Hill is the ideal Trump supporter. "He's from Texas, right? And he and his buddies are always drinking beer. Plus, that accent! It's so thick and slow. Surely this guy is MAGA!" Well, probably not. Sure, Hank Hill is a white, working-class guy from the suburbs of Texas, but if you watched the show for even a second, you'd realize he would absolutely despise Trump. Hank is small "c" conservative in that he's low-key and believes in having humility. Trump, meanwhile, is the type of guy who brags about his dick size on national television. Heck, Hank Hill gives up on George Bush when he finds out he has a weak handshake.

Granted, Trump's handshake is basically a full-out assault, but Hank's issue was with Bush isn't the strength of the handshake so much as the character.

Hank is all about character, and in that regard, Biden is much more Hank's speed. Yeah, he's boring, but Hank loves boring. Yeah, his platform might not be directly in line with what Hank would want, but he'd eventually come around because that's how King Of The Hill works. See, every King of the Hill Episode arc is essentially this: Hank is set in his ways. He gets introduced to a new thing. That new thing frightens him. But then he eventually acclimates and decides, "I don't like this new thing, but I guess I'll tolerate it." That's how Hank would be with Biden. It's not his ideal, but he'd tolerate it because Biden is more in line with his value system than Trump.

Would Dale vote Trump? Probably, but there's a case to be made that he wouldn't vote at all. Dale is so conspiracy-minded that he'd think QAnon was a cover-up for an even bigger conspiracy. It's hard to believe this guy would waste his time sending in a mail-in ballot:

But Hank, Hank's ridin' with Biden. 

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