6 Baffling Video Game Deleted Scenes

Sometimes, just because a part was killed, doesn't mean it stays buried.
6 Baffling Video Game Deleted Scenes

Watching deleted scenes from movies is a win-win situation. Fans either get to watch more stuff from movies they love or hilarious scenes that were too dumb for an already terrible film. The same happens with games, but deleted game scenes are much harder to come by as developers usually try to erase them from existence because of how bonkers they are. However, sometimes just cause something got killed off doesn't mean it stays buried ...

Shin Megami Tensei Almost Became Five Nights At Kingdom Hearts

Success is a mysterious thing. No better proof of that than the tale of Shin Megami Tensei, an awesome RPG series that only got big in the West when they released Persona 4, a spin-off that's about enjoying school. 


But what most fans don't know is how the original series came close to being famous for weird legal reasons. You see, in the original game of the Shin Megami Tensei series, players visit Tokyo Destinyland, a theme park that's full of cute/scary murder-y monsters ...

Where your destiny is to get sued.

But, a decade before Kingdom Hearts dropped, instead of the IP theft line-skating you see above, the developers of Shin Megami Tensei intended to fully populate Tokyo Destinyland with actual murderous Disney characters. In the end, developers didn't even bother to ask Disney for permission, as they thought it'd be too grim to greenlit, so they just killed the idea. But the unlicensed designs, and the nightmares they unlock, are still out there to be seen:

Except they aren't nearly as scary the plot of any Kingdom Hearts fan-fic.

Shoot A Kid In Metal Gear Solid V's Original Ending

A lot of rumors surfaced about Metal Gear Solid V at the time of its release. A little because it was unfinished when it dropped, and a lot because it's a Hideo Kojima game. Its biggest mystery was Mission 51, the final mission and one the developers removed for ... reasons unknown. While we might not know the exact circumstances for the deletion, judging by what we know about MGS as a franchise, it was for either being too weird or not weird enough.

By mission's end, players capture young Eli, who'd run away with the titular metal gear robot (We call it "Gary"). While trying to retrieve it, the main character shoots Eli. Does he do it out of anger or self-defense? No, Snake shoots him because he suffered an injury that caused him to become conveniently color-blind for a few seconds and bust a cap in the kid by accident. No, seriously.

He's dressed a bit less Lord-of-the-Flies-y at the time, so it makes more sense.

You can't watch the entire ending, but you can watch this fan reconstruction until your brain gives up.

(The applicable parts start at 10:00)

And if you think that that's a pretty dumb ending even for a story about giant robots, realize that the game's actual conclusion was so weak that fans have been begging Konami to establish this soap opera plot device as the canon ending.

Toy Story 2 Created A Racist Stereotype Character Just For The Game

Video game tie-ins usually suck because developers don't get much lead time to make them, so they end up having to duct tape together something that feels like a drunk hobo reciting the source movie's plot. Not the case with Toy Story 2. The developers of the otherwise surprisingly good tie-in ruined it by adding too much, like this blatant Mexican stereotype game enemy:

Sure, that seems like a toy that exists.  Every kid wants a play a game of 1900's Mexican Revolutionary.

Not only is "Mexican man" a new foe made just for the game, he's one that players need to kill to advance the story. This led to Mexican activists deciding to advance their complaints via a peaceful protest in front of Activision's office. The developers later accepted that it was a mistake and relaunched the game with the Mexican stereotype totally removed ... just kidding, they re-colored it into a hillbilly stereotype instead.

"To West Virginia...AND BEYOND!"

Conker's Bad Fur Day Almost Featured The Autopsy Of A Living Character And Pikachu Getting Beaten Up By The Mob

Conker's Bad Fur Day features some pretty dark humor, but there's poop monster messed-up, and then there's live-autopsy messed-up. Case in point, there's a deleted cutscene where two cute Teddis (Teddy bears) are found vivisecting a poor friend of Conker. As professional as they seem, cutting open a squirrel that's begging for them to stop does hint at the duo probably not having a valid medical license.

Well, maybe in Florida.

Conker's Bad Fur Day also featured the earliest cameo from Pikachu and is also the first time (hopefully not only) in history where players see the poor yellow epilepsy generator getting his ass kicked by a mobster. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo objected to both the furry-disembowelment and the mascot mudhole stomping.

Gordon Freeman Getting Unceremoniously Murdered

Half-Life Decay is the third expansion for the first game in the Half-Life duology. While most of it is unremarkable to the point of it remaining a PS2-only title to this day, it originally featured one of the most confusing scenes imaginable. Players take on the role of Collette Green, a character who would've witnessed two guards capturing Gordon Freeman ... then straight-up killing him execution-style and dumping his body in the trash like he was Valve's card game.

Half-Life 3: Unconfirmed.

The entire scene is bonkers not just because of its gratuitous violence towards our quiet hero but also because of how senseless it seems, considering they must have known Half-Life 2 was in the works. Did they expect the devs of the main game to just introduce Gordon twin brother Bordon Freeman, another silent protagonist?

Persona 5's Poly Chaos

Remember the Persona 4 game that we mentioned earlier in the "Disney will absolutely sue you until your great-grandchildren owe them money" entry? Well, Persona 5 is the next sequel in ultra-popular series that allows players to combine dating and killing monsters while still achieving good grades.


In order to have a good time on Valentine's Day in Persona 5 Royal, players need to be as good as they can, which naturally involves picking only one waifu to spend it with. But that's not all that was in the cards at one point. The appropriately named hacker regularpanties dug into Persona 5 Royal's code to find a would-be secret outcome to the Valentine's day mission. And tells a very different tale when it comes to picking a loved one.

For the deleted Valentine's day scene, players wouldn't even really need to pick a girl, as they'd get to stay with all 10 of them. And not only would the girls be 100% cool with it, but they'd even celebrate your future as king of the Mormons. Thankfully, someone on staff that's actually had a girlfriend pointed out how stupid this was, and they yanked it.

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