Enjoy Cold Beers All Day With This Adventure Pack


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From apple picking and leaf peeping to playing football in the backyard or simply providing encouragement at increasing volumes to the people playing football in the backyard, fall is ripe for outdoor fun. Did we say "fun"? We meant "drinking." But you don't want to lug a cooler around all the time and constantly have to add ice to it. Instead, check out Chill Systems' Adventure Pack.

This ingenious pack combines an insulated backpack and a water bladder that's designed to keep your drinks cool anywhere you and your enthusiasm for hayrides go. The bladder holds and actively cools up to 2L of water and can easily be refilled with the backpack's zip-off back panel. It comes with a tube and secure nozzle clamp to feed straight to your lips whenever you need a drink. Plus, the backpack is big enough to hold six beers or three wine bottles and has a number of pockets for all of your extra gear (or, if you're the limits-testing type, your extra beer). If you want to stay hydrated or just happy, the Adventure Pack has your back.

Take on fall with vigor. Normally $79, you can get the Adventure Pack for 13% off at just $69 now.

Adventure Pack: Original Chiller 2L Water Bladder + Insulated Backpack

MSRP: $79

Sale Price: $69 (13% off)

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