The Football Game That Magically Determines The U.S. Presidential Election

Yes, Joe Biden's fortunes are mystically tied to the fortunes of the Chicago Bears.
The Football Game That Magically Determines The U.S. Presidential Election

Well, readers, it's official. Donald Trump will win his second bid for the White House in November -- at least according to the outcome of this past Sunday's showdown between the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears. Yes, for the past 16 years, the winner of the Bears-Colts regular-season game has determined the winner of the presidential election, with the red state's team correlating with a Republican victory and the blue state's with a Democratic sweep. 

Earlier this week, Reddit user u/y_wont_my_line_block  pointed out this phenomenon on R/CHIBears, adding a chart highlighting the trend, which has spanned three presidential administrations since 2004, leaving a space for the outcome of this year's game, where the Colts would end up beating the Bears 19 to 11. "Sorry to all of the conservatives in this subreddit, but if you want Donald Trump to win, you're basically rooting for the Bears to lose," the Redditor wrote on the post

As an Illinoisan and lifelong Bears fan who is still admittedly bitter about the Colts 2007 Super Bowl victory when I was in the 5th grade, I've always been particularly interested in the matchup, for the satisfaction of watching Indianapolis lose. That familiar feeling of disappointment in the Bears is back, reader, and it's stronger than ever. That said, it is 2020, after all. If the Cubs can reverse the curse of their 108-year losing streak to bring home the World Series Championship in 2016 when it seems the world first went off the deep end, The Bears can reverse their curse, too. For better or worse, anything, really is possible. 

While they may have snagged this regular season victory, remember, folks, correlation does not equal causation. Plus, and if I gleaned anything from that damn Super Bowl, Indiana's winning streak won't last forever -- after all, Colts stands for Can Only Lose The Super (Bowl), as long as the year isn't 2007. 

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