Tucker Carlson Keeps Finding A New Low

Tucker Carlson's latest remarks are worthy of him being fired. But sadly, so were all the others.
Tucker Carlson Keeps Finding A New Low

By now, you've probably heard about the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in which an armed 17-year-old allegedly took fire at Black Lives Matter protesters, killing two and seriously injuring a third. You also, even if you hadn't heard it, would probably except Tucker Carlson to have a vile, incendiary take about the incident. It's what he does. Beavers build dams, birds lay eggs, and Tucker Carlson goes on Fox News to breathe verbal sewage. Here it is in case you were lucky enough to miss it:

Again, we all know by now that Tucker Carlson's words are, by design, a lit bag of dog shit. Even stomping out the flame leaves you smushing poop into your front porch. And yet, I can't help kicking the bag anyway because even for Carlson, this feels like a new low. He's not only justifying the killing of protesters, but he's essentially reasoning for others that might do same thing.

Imagine if this happened at a school. Kyle Rittenhouse, the suspect, would be placed in the same category as the 9847 school shooters we've had. But, Rittenhouse didn't bring his gun to school; he brought his gun across state lines and allegedly killed people that Tucker Carlson disagreed with. Therefore, in Carlson's eyes, that's worthy of playing devil's advocate.

There are now people rightly calling for the firing of Carlson.

But I doubt anything will come of it. I might be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. But history says Fox News will only fire someone when they absolutely, 1,000% have to, and it still might not happen even then. Carlson is Fox News's 10 million dollar man, his program averaging four million viewers a night. It doesn't matter that last month Tucker Carlson's own head writer was revealed to be writing extremely racist remarks on an online forum. He resigned, Tucker went on vacation, and that shit got swept under the rug, which left Tucker to keep on tucking. 

I expect the trend to continue sadly, but please, please, please, let me be wrong.

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