Wait, The Post Office Can Arrest People?

post uinited states Office

In "a shocking turn of events," that's altogether not too shocking, and maybe not even a turn, Steve Bannon has been exposed (allegedly) for being a shitty human being. Specifically, he, and others, have been exposed for defrauding donors in a fund-raising scheme designed to raise money for Trump's border wall.

It's a major scandal that further illustrates the duplicitous nature of nearly everyone who has been a part of this current administration. Still, again, Bannon has long been considered the worst of the worst. If he weren't arrested for defrauding donors, surely there would be a later, even more, heinous scandal to come down the pike that would have landed this crustacean of a human in jail. Maybe something like punching endangered animals or selling missiles to the aliens from Independence Day. No, the thing that's surprising about this story is this bit right here:

He was arrested by US Postal Service Agents? What? Like a mail carrier? Is this the real reason the post office has been slowing down? Are postal workers too busy arresting Steve Bannon to deliver the mail on time?

Okay, it turns out that Postal Service Agents are a branch of law enforcement assigned to monitor the safety of postal workers and the laws in accordance with the post office. Still, I can't help but imagine Newman in a little tugboat pulling over Steve Bannon and announcing into a bullhorn, "got ya, Stevie!" Obviously, Bannon would respond by muttering under his breath, "Newman," and then we'd roll credits on what has been the weirdest episode of Seinfeld.

But this story keeps getting dumber ...

At some point, someone used some of the embezzled money to but a luxury boat named "WARFIGHTER," then drove the fraud-boat in a parade of supporters whose grifted money was used to buy the boat in the first place. Fortunately, while there are still some people above the law in this country, there at least is no one yet who is above the mail.

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Top Image: SoFuego/Pixabay, Gage Skidmore/Wiki Commons

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