Queer Eye Tried To Give Gritty A Makeover; Now Do Furries, You Cowards

Do it.
Queer Eye Tried To Give Gritty A Makeover; Now Do Furries, You Cowards

To thank the people of Pennsylvania for hosting them during their latest season, the Fab Five agreed to offer their makeover services to Philly icon Gritty, America's second most popular orange monster. Or, to be more specific, they tried to improve upon the Gritty formula, but for the first time in Queer Eye history they simply could not improve upon perfection.

Throughout the mini-episode, the cocksure mascot was utterly immune to the advice of the Queer Eye gang. Jonathan was too intimidated by Gritty's perfect eyebrow routine to offer any styling tips. Chef Antoni quickly gave up trying to teach him new healthy food choices and instead went into a Philly cheesesteak blackout himself. Emotional expert Karamo just suggested Gritty get in touch with the Philly Phanatic like that annoying guy at a party who introduces you to your own friends. And, of course, the only sartorial advice Tan could come up with was putting Gritty's Flyer's jersey in a half-assed French tuck. In fact, the only expert to make the slightest of upgrades to Gritty's lifestyle was interior designer Bobby, who gave the mascot a mirror to make google eyes at before every game.

In the end, the Fab Five declaring that they "would have never changed a thing, queen" to Gritty could be interpreted as a message of positivity and hope, that if you truly feel comfortable in your skin('s skin) like Gritty does you don't need to change a thing. Or it could be interpreted as a massive slap in the face to all past and future Heroes, whom the Fab Five have now implied are steaming piles of hot messes compared to a feral mascot who wears one outfit, eats nothing but processed cheese and red meat and spends his days constructing Rube Goldberg-like cup tricks.

But their failed attempt to makeover Gritty does still present an exciting opportunity for Queer Eye's next season, one made obvious in the episode's title, A Very Furry Queer Eye Special. Could Gritty have been a gateway into the furry community?

For all the support the Fab Five has given to people wanting to find acceptance in their broader community it would be interesting to see them tackle one of the least understood lifestyles out there, helping some unfortunate fox groom their fur, redesign their yiffing corner, give them the emotional tools to reject nazism, all to make them confident enough to finally come out of the closet and present their pink fox fursona to their Vietnam vet granddad. We're just saying if ICP can put in the effort here ...

... so can they.

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