Trump's Latest Firing Was As Shady As Hell; It's Been Instantly Forgotten

Trump's Saturday Night Massacre is being met with a 'meh.'
Trump's Latest Firing Was As Shady As Hell; It's Been Instantly Forgotten

The District Attorney of New York's Southern District (including Manhattan), Geoffrey Berman, was asked to resign. No reason was given for a resignation, however, Berman has overseen the prosecution of several of the president's top associates so you're free to draw your own conclusions. Our guess is it wasn't because Berman was taking too many donuts from the break room.

However, Berman refused to resign ...

... so, Barr (and by extension the President,) officially fired him on Saturday. "Ya fired!" He probably said with glee, harkening back to the good old days on The Apprentice, except instead of Gary Busy getting let go for messing up the booking schedule or whatever, it's a man getting fired for providing one of the last checks and balances on the leader of the free world. Annnnd it was pretty much forgotten about by Saturday evening in time for his rally.

Said Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler, "the whole thing smacks of corruption and incompetence, which is what we have come to expect from this President and his Attorney General."

It instantly conjured memories of Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre," when Nixon's attorney general refused to fire the special prosecutor investigating Watergate. Nixon forced his resignation and continued to force the resignation of everyone who followed until he finally found someone, Solicitor General Robert Bork, who was willing to fire the special prosecutor. I say "almost" reminds, because we've been here before with William Barr himself. Barr only got the job because Jeffrey Sessions was fired by Trump for recusing himself in the Robert Mueller investigation.

In fact, Trump's entire presidency has been a Saturday Night Massacre, one in which he continues to fire his investigators and seek leniency for loyalists like Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, who obstruct the investigations into his own wrongdoings. Said Chuck Rosenberg, a former U.S. Attorney and senior FBI official:

"The thing we're seeing that's different and distressing is that their judgments seem always to cut in the same direction and always on behalf of the president and his allies. This tells you that they may not be errors but rather a systemic failure of leadership grounded in bias and preference. If they were just errors, the errors would be randomly distributed, and they would cut in different directions, including occasionally against presidential allies."

Yeah, Chuck, it's almost like this isn't a statistical anomaly. It's almost like the President might just be corrupt. I'd even say, it's almost like the President is so corrupt, but so shielded by his Republican Senate and his supporters, that he doesn't even have to pretend to hide his corruption. And that's what makes this so different from the Saturday Night Massacre. When Nixon did it, the public backlash essentially led to the end of his Presidency. But with Trump, this is all more of the same, and while we're used to general, "eh, whatever" on this shit from his party, we really can't let the big stuff like this just fall into the abyss before the weekend even ended. This isn't "covfefe," or Trump having a battle against a ramp:

This is the actual important shit. This matters.

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Top Image: U.S. DoJ

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