After being shut down for obvious, non-dinosaur-related reasons, Jurassic World: Dominion will be the first "major studio movie" to begin re-filming in the U.K. Since a movie shoot involves crowds of actors and crew members, which is less than ideal during a global pandemic, Universal is spending $5 million on new safety protocols. So you could say they've spared no ... money to be spent on new safety protocols.

Instead of building their own bubble community (a la Tom Cruise), the Jurassic World production will now boast their own "private medical facility," 150 hand sanitizer stations, nightly antiviral fogs, and mandatory masks -- unless you're an actor filming a scene, lest Chris Pratt goes full Tom Hardy. The crew will also be subjected to temperature checks before being admitted to Pinewood Studios and regularly given COVID-19 tests. Also, Universal is shelling out for 1800 new signs instructing people to stay six feet apart, and presumably to resist the urge to open mouth kiss Jeff Goldblum.

All of which would be more reassuring if the movie itself wasn't part of a franchise predicated on the idea that even stringent safety precautions can fail spectacularly and lead to mass death. The original Jurassic Park was full of doctors and fences, but it still led to several staff members turning into dino poop. As for signs, well, they didn't always help either.


Ignoring Lessons Of The Previous Movies, 'Jurassic World III' To Resume Filming

All five of the previous movies specifically warn us about the folly of risky business decisions in the wake of mass tragedy. Hopefully, the Dominion production will go smoothly, with no Dennis Nedry-types smuggling the virus onto the set in the Barbasol can that is the human respiratory tract. Of course, the safest option would probably be for them to just make an animated film following the adventures of Mr. DNA.

If Trolls: World Tour can make over $100 million on VOD ...

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