Tom Cruise May Be Creating a 'Village' ... For NON-Cult Reasons

Tom Cruise May Be Creating a 'Village' ... For NON-Cult Reasons

Tom Cruise may be starting his own COVID-19-free bubble community, or "village" -- which conjures an image of a dystopian society in which running is the only acceptable form of transportation, and couches are only for hopping on, never sitting. But it's actually more utilitarian than that. The next Mission: Impossible sequel (presumably in which Ethan Hunt just straight-up wrestles the Grim Reaper) was one of the many productions shut-down by the pandemic. Now according to a report, the movie may resume filming, with Cruise and the entire production self-isolating at a giant "posh campsite" on an abandoned Royal Air Force base in the U.K.

Since hotel rooms aren't an option, the cast and crew will live in trailers on the set, separating themselves from the disease-ridden outside world -- and, depending on how long it takes to crank out the next Mission: Impossible movie, perhaps forming a new civilization. Kind of like Lord of the Flies only instead of an island everyone's in a fake Italian city. And instead of passing a conch, everyone probably just has to listen to whatever Tom Cruise says all the time.

At this point, fans expect each subsequent Mission: Impossible movie will have a crazier stunt than the last, so maybe just making a movie in the face of this pandemic will be the daring feat Tom Cruise accomplishes this time. We've seen Cruise dangle from cliffs and climb the world's tallest building; now we can gasp at the sight of him standing within six feet of another human being without wearing a mask -- a medical mask, not those goofy rubber doppelganger masks.

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