Drake and Josh Have Kiiiinda Switched Roles

Drake seemed destined to be the guy who made it after 'Drake and Josh.' It didn't end up like that.
Drake and Josh Have Kiiiinda Switched Roles

Drake and Josh was a mid-2000's sitcom that starred the eponymous Drake Bell and Josh Peck as reluctant stepbrothers (about a year before Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly made a name for themselves with pretty much the same premise.) The show was a huge hit among young audiences, and that was due largely in part to leaning hard on a classic sitcom dynamic. Drake was the "cool guy" who got all the girls and jammed out on his guitar while he broke all the rules. (And also seemed destined to be the breakout star of the show.) Josh was whiny and schlubby. We've seen this trope played out a million times before, and we're bound to see it again because it's just one of those things that work.

But fast forward to today, and Josh Peck is an absolute heartthrob. Meanwhile, Drake is ... also a good looking guy, albeit a little worse for wear. I wouldn't say it's an absolute role-reversal, but it kind of gets at a sort of karmic justice for all of the dorky sidekicks out there, even if the scenario it was once trying to rectify was a fictional one. Josh is now married and was just cast to star in the Disney+ reboot of Turner and Hooch, while Drake recently found himself in almost $600,000 in debt. (He's since climbed out of debt, but has also had multiple DUI's and things have been just weird.)

This isn't to take pleasure in Drake's hardships. Both Drake and Josh were childhood stars, and the road from childhood stardom to being a regular functioning human adult is never an easy one. It's just kind of more to say, "Huh, wow, who would have thought that Drake would be the one pelting balls at highschool-kids during a concert and making lame transphobic tweets, while Josh would be the one with a successful YouTube channel and an endorsement deal from Redbox?" Things had grown tense between the pair, to the point that they eventually had a falling out after Josh refused to invite Drake to his wedding.

Drake Bell @DrakeBell When you're not invited to the wedding the message is clear.... 6/18/17, 5:23 PM from Los Angeles, CA 53 RETWEETS 254 LIKES
Drake Bell Twitter

But now the two are on good terms, and there's even talk about reviving Drake and Josh in the future. If they do, it will only be fitting if this go-around Josh is the cool one while Drake is the schlubby, whiny step-brother who is crashing on his couch. Or maybe they both just dunk on Miranda Cosgrove the whole time. That would work too.

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