How Protesters Are Trolling The Cops

Twitter has given us a great window into trolling happening all over the world.
How Protesters Are Trolling The Cops

With protests against police brutality occurring all over America and even all over the world, you can't help but feel a general sense of malaise hanging in the air. Or is that just residue from all of the tear gas? It's hard to tell, but it's clear that we're smack dab in the middle of "a moment in history" like a couple of squirrels inside of the cherry tree being chopped down by George Washington, and dear god, I've lost where this metaphor is going, but all I know is that times are stressful.

Perhaps others would agree and that's why they've resorted to trolling the police for a little bit of levity or perhaps they're doing it because they feel it is the most effective way to protest. Either way, you love to see it so I've compiled some of the best trolls of authority that Twitter has to offer {that haven't been taken down.) Please enjoy and troll in power.

Here we have some guy offering the police a Pepsi, much like Kendall Jenner did in her infamous ad where she protested against "problems." We're not sure if this guy's Pepsi is going to solve police brutality much like Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ended the great fight against denim oppression, but it's worth a shot.

Here we have one of many moments in which the police are greeted with the Imperial March from Star Wars.

Meanwhile, "cops eat donuts!" is a slam that seems like it'd be completely worn out by now. Donut fishing, however, proves otherwise.

We applaud the restraint to not even take a nibble. If only they could show as much restraint from firing rubber bullets and tear gas into crowds. To be fair, we understand how hard that could be when getting violently doinked by beachballs like you wandered into a Phish concert.

And, finally, we'll leave you with the greatest protest trolling of all, courtesy of Washington D.C.

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Top Image: Pepsi, Washington D.C. Mayor's Office

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