This Flexible WiFi Camera Is Like Having An Extra Set Of Eyes


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Whether it's your state of mind, your colon, or your sink, things in your life can sometimes get all clogged up. When that happens, you have to investigate so you can start de-clogging. Of course, you shouldn't just start sticking your fingers down drains -- or, you know, other places -- and start fishing around for what's in there. Knowledge is power, and when it comes to de-clogging, the Sinji Flexible Borescope Camera is your ticket to knowledge.

This Flexible WiFi Camera Is Like Having An Extra Set Of Eyes

This flexible camera is designed to give you a quick look into hard to reach areas, from drains to defective machine parts. It connects to your Android or iOS device via an app, allowing you to take photos or record video and save the footage immediately on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Even places where the Sun don't shine aren't off-limits: the Sinji Borescope has six adjustable LED lights and records in HD. The flexible cable is available in two-, five-, and ten-meter versions, allowing you to snake a view into practically any space. Plus, it comes with a hook and magnet allowing you to retrieve lost keys, rings hidden in champagne glasses, and other items. Naturally, it's also IP67 waterproof so it can go into moist spaces. (We're using a lot of innuendo here, so just to be clear, do not put this in your body.)

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Dirty household chores will be a little less dirty with an extra set of eyes. The Sinji Flexible Borescope Camera is normally $60.99, but you can save 34% off when you get it for $39.95 today

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