Massive Landslide In Norway Drags Eight Homes Into The Sea

Watch as this house moves into the ocean like it's riding on a Bird scooter.
Massive Landslide In Norway Drags Eight Homes Into The Sea

We live in a world that right now feels like the ground is shifting beneath our feet, but yesterday, in Northern Norway that was literally happening. A landslide more than 2,000 feet wide and 500 feet high dragged eight houses into the ocean like Mother Nature playing a drunken game of shuffleboard. The carnage was captured on camera and it's just another example of our planet trying to shed us like fleas.

Fortunately, as these were mostly vacation homes, no one was injured and only one person had to be evacuated, but imagine being that one person. You're just minding your business in Norway, having yourself a nice yodel on the roof, when all of a sudden you see your neighbor's living room is taking off for the beach like it's Spring Break in Cancun. Now you're booking it for higher ground as fast as possible, but the land beneath your feet is a treadmill. Add a romance plot and cast The Rock, and now you've got yourself a summer blockbuster with at least a 65% on the Tomatometer.

This landslide was just a tiny little Earth fart when compared to the seismic shift that was the world's largest confirmed subaerial landslide, known as the Heart Mountain Landslide in Wyoming. This slide occurred almost 50 million years ago shifting a slab of Madison Limestone about 1600 feet thick and over 400 square miles in area, which is uh, a whole lotta real estate.

Again, it is lucky that for this landslide these were just vacation homes, and while now they serve as vacation homes for Aquaman, let it also be a stark reminder that when it comes to Mother Nature, we are all her bitch.

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Top Image: FEMA

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