Blowing Up A Real Plane For 'Tenet,' Christopher Nolan Continues To Be A Maniac

Blowing Up A Real Plane For 'Tenet,' Christopher Nolan Continues To Be A Maniac

We just got a full trailer for Tenet ...

... Christopher Nolan's epic new movie about time abnormalities and the dudes in $8000 suits who do ... something? Whatever happens, you can bet it will feature a scene in which Michael Caine explains something set against the anxious sound of a stopwatch ticking louder than a jackhammer.

Since Nolan refuses to just put the damn thing on Quibi already, we're all waiting for Tenet to hit the big screen -- even though it's not clear when that can actually happen. In the meantime, we're learning more and more about what went into the making of the movie, which apparently involved Bond villain-like madness.

Recently, Nolan commented on a scene, briefly glimpsed at the end of the trailer, in which a 747 crashes into a hanger and explodes. According to Nolan, they were going to shoot the scene using a combination of miniatures, and set-piece builds, instead of CGI, which he tries to avoid. But while scouting locations in Victorville, California, like drunken teens who accidentally stumbled into Harrison Ford's backyard, his team "discovered a massive array of old planes."

So Nolan opted to buy a real airplane instead of a mock-up because it would actually be "more efficient." And, probably because deep down he wanted to blow the shit out of a wonder of modern aerospace technology since, as Rotten Tomatoes pointed out, clearly Christopher Nolan fucking hates planes enough to for sure be on a government watchlist.

This isn't all that surprising; the necessity of hard work and sacrifice to achieve convincing practical effects is exactly what Nolan's The Prestige is all about. We have no doubt it will all be in the service of a breathtaking scene that we absolutely can't wait to watch on our vertically-tilted phones.

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