Bring Elon Musk and Malcolm Gladwell Into Your Home With Big Think Edge

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Haven't you always wanted to have dinner with Elon Musk? Tea with Arianna Huffington? Girl Scout cookies with Malcolm Gladwell? Well, now you can do those things from the comfort of your home. You'll just need to supply the food, tea, and Girl Scout cookies. You can order 'em online now.

Big Think Edge is a video lesson series created by educators and taught by world-class experts. The lessons focus on the most important skills of modern business, like emotional intelligence, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, creativity, leadership, and more. Learning from the best will fuel your personal and professional growth and help you find success in whatever field you're in. If nothing else, you'll be able to say "I learned that from Bryan Cranston." Yeah, he's one of 'em. Who better to learn confidence from than the guy who is constantly on TV in tightie-whities?

It's not just famous people teaching the lessons, of course. Across more than 200 available courses, you'll encounter 150 experts, including Ivy League professors, successful entrepreneurs, and Nobel Prize winners. Every week, you'll get access to three new exclusive lessons and have exclusive access to live-stream Q&As with experts. Plus, you'll get 60 Deep Dive experiences, learner support guides, and bonus educational content delivered via newsletter. It's like having a dinner party with all your smartest, most successful friends, except they don't actually know you.

Big Think Edge is used by Pfizer, Disney, and Citi for a reason. Right now, you can get lifetime access to Big Think Edge for 36% off $250 at just $159.99.

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