You Can't Skateboard On A Highway, No Matter How Cool It Looks

No matter how sick this looks, it will absolutely get you fined and/or killed.
You Can't Skateboard On A Highway, No Matter How Cool It Looks

A new video is circulating rapidly on Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, etc. of three dudes skateboarding down an almost empty highway exit ramp in Toronto. Now I've stepped on a skateboard about twice in my life and nearly ate shit both times, but even a total shoobie like me can recognize that this looks cool.

The highway was nearly barren because of social distancing, meaning that any skater brave enough to ignore Toronto's stay at home orders would be greeted to a skateboarding Shangri-La. Toronto itself has never appeared in Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but the prospect of turning the city into an oversized skate park like in the video games doesn't seem far off. Again, I'm no skateboarding expert, but having an entire highway off-ramp to yourself feels like the skating equivalent of catching a 50-foot wave.

At the very least, maybe it's like having a private beach. Unfortunately, the real world still does exist, and these guys were each fined $110 Canadian after going viral, which doesn't seem like too high a price to pay for living on the edge, but definitely too high a price for getting around Toronto. Apparently, "Skateboards are toys under the Highway Traffic Act," according to Const. David Hopkinson. Who also added, "If you're on a skateboard and on the roadway, you're a pedestrian." Meaning skateboarding IS a crime but in the absolute lamest way possible.

So it's probably not financially prudent to go skating down the interstate anymore, but if it is any consolation, you can still listen to this socially-distanced cover of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater song.

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Top Image: 6ixdriptv/TikTok

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