For a long time we've known that Donald Trump has ridiculous notions about money. He's often compared to Lucille Bluth, a character from Arrested Development who infamously asked if a banana cost $10 at the grocery store.

But the real Bluthian figure right now is Steve Mnuchin who said this:

Now to be fair here (which is a gross statement in and of itself when talking about the melting wax figure of John Oliver that is Steve Mnuchin) he's not outright saying that we can all exist on $1200 for the next 10 weeks. He's saying it will "bridge liquidity" which for anyone who still has their job might be true, but probably not considering 40% of Americans are one paycheck away from poverty. For anyone who's lost their job, this helps them be liquid about as much as a blowdryer helps an iceberg become liquid. The national median rent in the United States for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,078. To think we can somehow just stretch that remaining $122 into next month's rent and beyond requires either a deep misunderstanding of what average Americans can afford or just a deep apathy towards the problem.

House Democrats have proposed a bill that will pay Americans $2,000 a month, provided they are making less than $130,000 annually, but if you're expecting this to pass Congress then we've got a $10 banana to sell you. What is more likely is that the Trump administration will continue to do their best to provide as little relief to the working class as possible while allowing things like this to happen:

And this:

Now, we can debate policy and solutions to our massive unemployment problem until the cows come home and shit all over our dreams. Maybe providing $2,000 a month to working-class people isn't the solution. Maybe it's a hostile takeover of the government or letting grandma die. Who knows? But what you can't debate is the incredible amount of asshole-ry it takes to go on TV and tell people that $1,200 is enough to keep you going for 10 weeks, when there are photos of you holding uncut bills like a Bond villain.

Top Image: U.S. Department of State

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