A Reporter Threw The 'Tiger King' Softball To Trump

The President has yet to denounce Demogorgons in Hawkins, Indiana.
A Reporter Threw The 'Tiger King' Softball To Trump

With U.S. coronavirus deaths passing 14,000 and cases nearing half a million across the country, one reporter thought that now would be an ideal time to ask the President of the United States about ... Tiger King. And since there's no logical reason why an actual flesh-and-blood human being would ask an elected official about a popular Netflix documentary during a briefing about a deadly pandemic, we can only conclude that this event is evidence that we're all living in Hell and this was just another example of cosmic punishment we're being subjected to for whatever past sins we committed.

During the daily White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefing on Wednesday, New York Post reporter Steven Nelson took a brief sidebar from the emergency everyone else was blathering on about to ask President Trump if he would consider pardoning Joe Exotic, star of Tiger King -- or as Nelson described it "one of the biggest rating hits of the coronavirus, aside from these briefings."

Trump admitted that he hadn't seen Tiger King yet, presumably because it isn't the movie Bloodsport. This led to Nelson describing the premise of the show, including Joe Exotic's alleged hit on Carole Baskin, in front of a room full of journalists waiting to ask the President about, say, his threats to defund The World Health Organization or the country's staggering unemployment rate. Trump promised he'd "take a look" at Joe Exotic's case; which is an insane thing for a President to say in the midst of a devastating viral outbreak, but it all makes sense when you realize that we're living in a sham reality designed with the express purpose of eternal torment.

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