Phew, ‘80s Pop-Culture Franchises are Doing Their Part

Even old movie icons are helping out these days.
Phew, ‘80s Pop-Culture Franchises are Doing Their Part

Good news: some of your favorite '80s pop-culture franchises are being utilized to help fight COVID-19, as opposed to simply helping fight the Stranger Things kids' inability to buy luxury yachts. Take Freddy Krueger, for example. In the '80s, the A Nightmare on Elm Street star was everywhere; music videos, board games, the world's least-masturbated-to 900 number. And now actor Robert Englund has recorded a Twitter PSA where he went full Freddy emphasizing the importance of wearing gloves -- which come in handy whether you're protecting yourself from germs at the grocery store or disemboweling horny teens in a haunted dreamscape.

Similarly The Terminator star Michael Biehn reprised his role as Kyle Reese, warning us all that "it can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with, it doesn't feel pity or remorse"-- of course, he's talking about the coronavirus this time, not the cybernetic killing machine that's currently getting day-drunk with a pony. He also urges us all to stay home, lest we spread the viral equivalent of naked Austrian dudes.

Then there's the Ghostbusters ... Okay, not the actual Ghostbusters (although Bill Murray is making a series of workout videos to support a local gym) but rather fans who are working to help provide equipment to health care workers. A group of Canadian Ghostbusters cosplayers teamed up with members of the prop department from the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife to use their proton pack-making skills in service of producing masks, face shields, and other items that are much more helpful than a bunch of Ecto-nonsense.

And, for the record, we're all for this trend and hope they continue it by testing the first vaccine on ALF.

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Top Image: New Line Cinema


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