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Staying inside all day is weird: You haven't worn pants in a week and a half, you're starting to talk to your coffeemaker, and worst of all, the fancy golf clubs you just bought with your tax refund are sitting in your closet untouched. Well, your local club may be closed but you can still open a new one whenever you want, right in your backyard! Sure, you can't play with anyone else, but if anything, that will only enhance the "eccentric billionaire" roleplaying game you're playing in your head. We've rounded up some of the coolest gear for anyone who wants to emerge from self-isolation a lean, mean, ball-whacking machine.

Chippo(TM) Golf Game: The Glorious Lovechild of Golf & Cornhole

Bring Your Golf Game Right to Your Backyard With These Deals

MSRP: $189.95

Sale Price: $158.99

Featured on Golf Digest, The Golf Channel,, and more, Chippo(TM) is basically cornhole with sticks. It's a well-known fact that everything can be improved by adding one of those things, so together, it's guaranteed whimsy. This set comes with two target boards, two heavy-duty chipping mats, and six high-density foam balls so you can tee off with your roommates in the backyard, probably while drunk.

Callaway 8-Ft Quad Hitting Net

O callaway

MSRP: $219.99

Sale Price: $175.99

Channel your frustration about the temporary closure of your favorite taco place into this extra-large eight-foot hitting net. It comes with a tee-off mat so you can work on your driving game while you reduce your cabin-fever (hopefully the only fever you have).

MSRP: $49.99

Sale Price: $39.99

There's a reason it's called the Executive Putting Mat. Sadly, it's not because it's a sentient slab of turf, but it is because executives have these things in their offices, which is also pretty cool. And you're the executive of your home office, right? You don't even need to go outside to use this one, so rejoice, business vampires.

Izzo Golf: Sharp Shooter Putting Trainer & Game Set

Bring Your Golf Game Right to Your Backyard With These Deals

MSRP: $29.99

Sale Price: $23.99

Want to get a bit more nuanced and creative with your putting practice? Izzo Golf lets you set up a hole anywhere, letting you practice from any distance or any angle. You can even turn it into a game with friends, provided there are no more than 10 of you and you stay at least six feet apart.

Callaway Home Range Practice System

Bring Your Golf Game Right to Your Backyard With These Deals

MSRP: $199.99

Sale Price: $159.99

This home range system includes an eight-foot hitting net, a fairway launch zone hitting mat, and a pro caddie ball shagger/feeder, letting you work on just about any club whenever you'd like. Hehehe. "Shagger."

PhiGolf: Mobile & Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick


Sale Price: $249.99

Want to actually play a full round? Well, you'll need to do it indoors, but now you can with PhiGolf! With this cool simulator that lets you stream from the app to any TV, you can play some of the world's most famous courses in your underwear. Trust us: They will not let you do that in person.

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