So here's something to ponder as you sit perched upon your makeshift throne of toilet paper and tears. According to a number of studies, (like here and here and here and we've even written about it before here) men subconsciously prefer heavier women during times of stress or economic hardship. It's called the Environmental Security Hypothesis and it basically has to do with survival. It states that men who live in tough times seek "women who are good at production, generally older, taller, heavier, less curvaceous women, whereas, in good times, they will seek women who are good at reproduction, generally younger, shorter, lighter, more curvaceous women."

Well, thanks to COVID-19, we as a society are going to experience a serious dose of stress and economic hardship for quite awhile. Which means a renaissance of "Thicc" should soon be upon us.

The Renaissance Of 'Thicc' Might Be Upon Us
And just like the last renaissance, there's a healthy dose of plague involved.

Now, on a personal level, we're not here to try and subject you to more of the male gaze. The only people who should tell you what to do with your bodies are doctors and maybe the person with the spinner if you're playing a game of Twister. (But even then we tend to view "right-hand red" as more of a suggestion anyway.) All we're saying is, on a societal level, we're about to turn into a Lizzo song.

After all, body positivity has already gone mainstream -- which was a good and overdue thing regardless of plague conditions. But now add us all being relegated to our rooms, with nothing to do but eat Double-Stuf Oreos and get isolation Double-thirst, plus a newfound appreciation for thiccness? We're all going to gain the COVID 19 (lbs) and we'll like it.

Dan is on Instagram @Cond0leezza_rice, and co-hosts The Bachelor Zone Podcast, where you can hear him give a sports-style breakdown of all things happening on The Bachelor.

Top Image: Andy Witchger/Wiki Commons

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