There’s Now a 'Joker' Concert Tour, Because Anarchy

There’s Now a 'Joker' Concert Tour, Because Anarchy

What better way to celebrate the story of clown-inspired class warfare than with a series of high-priced symphony concerts? Yup, fans of the blockbuster sensation Joker will now be able to experience the film along with live-musical accompaniment thanks to the "Joker In Concert Tour". It doesn't start until April, but we already feel bad for the ushers about to deal with thousands of concertgoers falling on them as they all try to terribly dance down the stairs to their seats.

Hildur Gudnadottir's Oscar-nominated score will first be performed in London and will tour around the U.K. until July. According to the event page, the "extraordinary music will be brought to life by a full orchestra to create a vivid, visceral and entirely new Joker viewing experience". Presumably, the conductor will just whip out an old boombox for the Gary Glitter scene.

While symphonies performing film scores live are so popular John Williams can probably buy his own space station, it does seem like kind of an odd fit for this movie. After all, this is supposed to be a movie about political upheaval and social unrest. There's even a scene in Joker at a concert hall hosting a black-tie film screening-- and it very decidedly does not go well.

If you're a fan of the movie, this will probably be a great way to watch it. We're just saying, playing Joker for a classy symphony crowd is a little like screening Die Hard for an audience made up entirely of elite German goons and henchmen.

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