In The Dark Knight, Joker tells Batman “you complete me,” but we could argue the Joker is the reason for Batman movies. Sure, Batman has a vast rogues gallery, and sure, there have been a ton of Jokers, but…isn't it weird, imagining a Batman franchise without Joker? That's an impressive feat for a villain. It helps that Joker as a character is ripe for actors looking to stretch their wings, from Heath Ledger's legacy performance to Mark Hamill's surprising turn in the animated series to Jared Leto's terminally online twist. He's one of comics most intriguing villains, and just like there won't stop being movies about him, there won't stop being Cracked articles about Joker:

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Grading The Joker As A Stand-Up Comic

He improvises quips and has one-liners for nearly every encounter with Batman, but in terms of prepared material in the proper nightclub setting, how good (or bad) is he?

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